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> Who am I ?

Marie Calfopoulos

I'm Marie, 32, born in Avignon. I grew up between the garrigue of southern France and the beaches of Brittany. I've been taking pictures as long as I can remember. As a kid, I had a toy camera that I brought everywhere.

After passing a languages degree, I moved to the French Riviera. Passionate about all media, I worked for 3+ years in a multimedia company based in Antibes. That's where I learned everything about professional photography, digital retouching, video editing and website management.

I graduated from the New York Film Academy where I wrote, directed and edited my first short film, "Broken Brothers". I have been a member of the American Photography Association.

My love for travel brought me to wonderful destinations including Thaïland, the US, Kenya/Tanzania, Greece and other destinations where I was able to develop my technique and talent for photography while meeting new people and discovering fascinating cultures.

> How I work

Entrepreneur since 2012, I have over 10 years of experience as a professional photographer. I currently work in Provence and in the Paris area. I gladly travel around France and all around the world for work assignments and I speak fluent English.

My technical skills and my sensitivity allow me to capture the feeling of the photo session in a very natural and spontaneous manner. On a wedding, I work as a reporter, meaning I will follow you around all day, from getting ready to the cutting of the cake. I'll photograph all the key moments with discretion, availability, expertise and kindness of course.

Responsiveness being one of my strong suits, you'll get a sneak peek of the individually edited pictures the day after our photo session. All the pictures will then be delivered to you within 1 to 3 weeks in color and black & white.

Building a trusting relationship is essential to getting real emotions out. That's why I'll be available all along the planning of this special day to accomodate all your needs.

I shoot with Canon 5D Mark II bodies, various Canon lenses from 50mm to 200mm, a cobra external flash and softboxes.

> I love

My Man, chocolate, rock music, sunsets, rose gold, going to the movies, fireplaces, rollercoasters, travelling, musicals, vanilla, DIY and crafts, turquoise color, speaking English, instagram, dogs, the smell of mimosa and orange blossom, my nephews and my niece, making "myself pretty", flying on planes, amusement parks, baking TV shows, scented candles, family and friends dinners, lists and crossing things off them, coffee, my apartment, discovering new cultures, raspberries, “The Walking Dead” “Grey's Anatomy” “The Big Bang Theory” and many other TV shows, making people happy, salted butter, the Disney universe, New York City, board games, working on a Mac, being a tourist in my own town, massages.

> I hate

Cheese, snakes, waking up very early, intolerance, being cold, vulgarity, being late, red meat, traffic jams, sleeping without a pillow, smoking, being bored doing nothing, violent movies and video games, eating cold, going to nightclubs, wearing tights, mushrooms, tanning, people that cut lines or push you to get on the subway, big jewelry, ads on TV, flashy colors, ridiculous nicknames, walking barefoot, people that don't talk, batteries draining too fast, lies, not knowing what time it is, weird sounds, spelling mistakes, Sunday night, paperwork, breaking a nail or when it splits, overcrowded places.

Marie Calfopoulos