What to wear for your photo session? How to choose your outfit? My advice!


Trying to figure out what outfits you should wear on your photo session is very different from choosing what to wear on any given day! I’m going to share with you my favorite tips to help you pick out the perfect oufits for you and your loved ones.

Coordinate but don’t match

Matching the entire family with the exact same outfit is not as cute as it sounds. Instead, pick a color palette to work with and add some neutrals such as grey, white or cream. Here is a family photo session that shows you an example of that. Solid colors tend to work better than patterns. Feel free to layer up different textures as well. And don’t be afraid to dress up for your photo session!

Examples of what to wear for a photo session

Wear the right colors

Please, don’t wear all black for your photo session… Even if in real life you love wearing that color (girl, I sure do!), it won’t look so good on camera. It’ll be moody and a little boring. We want your personnality to show so don’t be afraid to wear color!

Go for soft and light colors for a nice pop from the background but don’t feel like you need to wear bright colors, unless you’re really comfortable wearing those. Pastel photographs beautifully.

Have you heard of the color wheel? It’s a very convenient tool to choose which colors to wear according to the colors of the surroundings you’ll be photographed in. There are several color combination techniques such as complementary (two colors opposite on the color wheel), monochromatic (shades and tones of the same color), analogous (colors close to one another on the color wheel) and many more. These three being the best when it comes to a photo session, in my opinion.

Neutral colors such as white, cream, beige or nudes are perfect for a colorful background, so don’t feel like you need to wear color if you’re not into it.

Examples of what to wear for a photo session

Details matter

Forget any graphic t-shirts, logos and mixing patterns. No way!

But don’t forget the shoes: it would totally ruin your look if you wore dirty sneakers with a pretty dress, right? Also don’t think that because you’re wearing a long dress we won’t see your feet! Some poses will sure expose them.

Classic VS current trend

Classic, always go for classic! When you look at those pictures from your photo session 5 or 20 years from now, you’ll be glad you didn’t go for that weird, short-lived trendy style. A classic never goes out of style and your photos will be timeless.

Samantha V.

Marie helped us create the ‘souvenir of a lifetime’! I was planning a special trip from the U.S. to Paris & Provence for our 15th wedding anniversary. I thought it could be fun to capture the trip in photos but quickly wrote it off as a crazy idea because I didn’t know where to start planning!

Luckily, I found Marie. Her work and style captured everything I was hoping for. She put me at ease, was great to communicate with, asked the right questions to make sure we had the same vision, and identified the perfect spots and itinerary for our shoot together. She was a natural with my kids and just made everything so fun and easy. She artfully produced so many great photographs. I’ll hold them dear for the rest of my life!

Samantha V.

Accessories are great!

They not only add to your overall outfit, but they also give you something to play with on camera! Think jewelry, sunglasses, scarves, bow ties, suspenders, hats, watches, flowers... they will give variety to your photos without having to plan an entire wardrobe change. Props also allow you to show your personality even more so don't be afraid to bring some.

Make sure you're comfortable

There are two goals to your photo session: to create beautiful photos and to have fun! But if you're uncomfortable the entire time, you sure won't enjoy the experience. Same goes with kids. They sure won't be able to "smile for the camera" if all they can think about is to get it over with. So try on outfits beforehand. (More advice on how to prepare your kids for your family photo session here!)

Comfort also means feeling your best! Make sure your clothes fit you really well: if they aren't too tight but hug your waist, that'll be the most flattering.

Remember that walking in nature or on cobblestones is not easy so heels might not the the best choice for your photo session. But if you still want the flattering figure you'll get on high heels, here's the secret: bring some flat shoes so you're able to do some walking around during your photo session and quickly swap them with your heels at the last minute!

Dressing for cold weather

The last thing you want is to be freezing cold while taking pictures! In order to avoid that, wear a thin and tight bodysuit under your outfit that won't add any bulk. Fleece is your friend! If you don't want it to show, you can layer fleece tights or leggings under your jeans or wear a fleece jacket to take off during shooting only. Don't let your feet get cold or you'll feel cold all over! If you can, wear an extra pair of socks or skin color tights + socks. Same with your hands: bring a warm pair of gloves which can be a nice prop as well for fall or winter photo sessions! And of course: cute hats and scarves.

In the end, if you fall in love with an outfit that doesn't fit these suggestions, you can still wear it on your photo session of course! As long as you follow at least the main guidelines, you'll be good to go. Be yourselves and show your personnality through your wardrobe choice: that's the most important thing eventually 😉

I hope my tips helped you out and I’m sure you’ll look amazing! If you have any questions, contact me 🙂