Frequently asked questions

I’ve put together all the frequently asked questions I get about my wedding, couple and family photography services. If you don’t find the answer to your question, contact me!

General questions

Where are you based?
I’m based in Orange near Avignon in Provence and also work all over France and anywhere you’d like me to travel to photograph you!
What are your rates?
I offer several packages including the preparation leading up to the photo session, the photo session itself, the selection and digital treatment of the images and a password protected online gallery.
A range of products (prints, albums… are available on demand.
Please contact me here and tell me about your project, I’ll be happy to send you my brochure 🙂
Is photography your full-time occupation?
Absolutely. I started professional photography in 2008, then created my own business in 2012. I’m very lucky to have turned my passion into a career.
My specialties are portrait and event coverage. I love to capture Life’s happiest moments: engagements, pregnancies, wedding anniversaries, travels, birthdays… and of course weddings. I also offer my services to companies (annual conventions, store openings, gala dinners…)
What equipment do you use?

I work with professional quality cameras, lenses and flashes. My two main camera bodies are Canon R5. I also have two Canon 5D Mark IV as backup equipment. I use prime lenses ranging from f/1.4 to f/1.8: 35mm, 50mm and 85mm and zoom lenses such as 24-70mm and 70-200mm f/2.8 to capture more spontaneous photos by standing further away form my subject. I also use Canon speedlite flashes that I only use at night or un very dark interiors.

How do you secure the files?

As soon as I get home from shooting, I copy all the files on two external hard drives for safety. After I have delivered the photos, I keep two copies of the final images for at least two years: one at home and one at my parents’ house. I encourage my clients to do the same as well. These memories must be saved and protected.

What is post-production?

After shooting, I have to develop the RAW, original files. I start by culling the images: I remove doubles, eyes closed etc. The best photos are then individually optimized with a natural edit: I adjust the color balance, highlights and shadows, crop…
I never use automatic editing tools. My goal is to enhance the images to tell your story as accurately as possible. Often, post-production is when the style of the photographer emerges.

How many photos will we get?

Based on my experience, I’ve established an average number of images delivered with each package. Often, there are more! I don’t limit myself when shooting or culling images. All your images will be delivered in high resolution in color and black and white, without any watermark so you can share, print and post them on social media easily 🙂

When will we get our images?

Post-production requires many hours of work after shooting. I like to start as soon as possible so things are still fresh in my mind. This allows me to deliver your final images within 1 to 2 weeks for photo sessions and 3 to 4 weeks for weddings.

Can you copy a photo we like?

Let’s talk about that together. I want you to be fully pleased with the images from your photo session, which is why I’ll do my best to produce the images you’re dreaming of.
But each photographer is unique in their style and identity, and it’s impossible to recreate the exact same photo.
Nevertheless, we sure can use images you like as inspiration for a mood or pose. Feel free to use instagram or pinterest to browse tons of ideas!

Can we talk on the phone or via videochat?
Of course! We’ll take some time to chat about your photo session preparation, your wishes and your story so that we capture beautiful and natural images.
I’m available on the phone at 0033 638 893 775 or via videochat on Google meet / facetime / Whatsapp, whatever you prefer. If you live in Provence and would like to meet face to face, that’s totally possible as well. Ask for a consultation 🙂
When should we book you?
As soon as possible! My calendar fills up quickly, I recommend you book my services as early as possible so you can choose your date.
Can you hold a date for us?

While we’re in contact, you’ll have priority on the date you’re interested in, but it’s still available for other clients until a contract is signed and a deposit paid.

What happens in case of cancellation ?

In order to protect us both, this case is fully covered in the contract we’ll sign.

Photo sessions questions

We aren't photogenic... Can you help us pose?

I’m used to working with people who aren’t professional models, don’t worry! I will guide you and will give you tips and tricks so that you feel at ease and look good on camera. You can read my article “5 tips for a natural photo session” that will calm any fears you may have.

What should we wear for our photo session?
Wear something you feel comfortable in. Avoid black, patterns and too many colors. Feel free to add props (balloons, champagne, pastries…). You can read my article “What to wear for your photo session” that will give you more tips on what outfits work best on camera.
Can we change outfits?
If time allows, sure. I have a folding tent which is great for changing outfits in the middle of nowhere, and in the city you can always find public restrooms or stop by a café on our way. We can also plan a stop at your hotel or rental if you want to change / freshen up without risking any wrinkles on your clothes. Remember that time is part of your photo session so my advise is to make it as quick as possible by laying out your outfit and accessories the night before.
What locations do you recommend?

I have put together this guide just for you!
10 dreamy locations for a photo session in Provence

How can we prepare our kids before our photo session?
I’ve written an article on that exact topic. Thanks to these tips, your kids will be better prepared for your photo session, you’ll have a fun experience and some beautiful family photos!
What if the weather is bad?
If the weather forecast is bad, we’ll try to reschedule which is why I advise you not to plan your photo session on the last day of your trip. Even though photos under the rain or snow are romantic, these are tricky and unpleasant conditions to work in. But don’t worry if it’s only drizzle or intermittent rain: we can definitely handle it. An overcast day also means more diffused light, which is much better than strong sunlight, so that can actually be positive. Some covered areas make gorgeous plan B locations so bring a nice umbrella and it’ll be all good!
How do you manage to shoot in crowded locations?
There’s no secret: I wake up very early! In order to avoid big crowds at popular locations, I recommend we plan our photo session early morning, especially in the summer. I also use framing and depth of field to focus all the attention on you. No worries though, there are always less known viewpoints for landmarks that work all day round.
What time should we do our photo session?
The end of day / sunset light is stunning. I always avoid the middle of the day (mostly on sunny days) unless there’s no other option as the sun creates harsh shadows and makes you squint. Early morning is very nice too, especially in the summer when it gets very hot during the day.
Can we do a longer photo session than we planned?

Of course! You can always upgrade to a longer photo session if you want to, even the day of the session. 🙂

We're interested, how do we book?

I am honored! Let’s talk more about your photo session. We will sign a contract to hold the date. A deposit of 50% will secure your booking and the remaining balance will be due on the day of your photo session. I can’t wait to get to know you!

Wedding photography questions

Can you come shoot our wedding in ________ ? How much do you charge?

I love to travel and I love to shoot in new locations whenever I get to! In addition to Provence, I travel within France, Europe and anywhere in the world for weddings and photo sessions. There might be travel and accommodation fees. Tell me about your project and I’ll send you a quote.

Do you work by yourself or with a second shooter?

By myself, most of the time. I sometimes work with a second shooter when you have many guests for example. I’ll be happy to recommend some talented fellow photographers and videographers if you need me to!

What happens if it rains? What if you are unable to be there?

Let’s be optimistic! If the forecast isn’t good, I bring rain covers for my gear and I play it by ear, like you. My contract includes a cancellation policy to protect both you and I. On D day, I make sure to have extra time and bring backup equipment. If necessary, I can always call someone from my network of professionals to the rescue.

We're anxious about bride and groom portraits. What do we do?

Trust me, I’m not comfortable in front of the camera either! Don’t get stressed out about your bride and groom portraits. I can assure you it’s a great moment you’ll be happy to have, just the two of you, to take in everything that’s happened. Enjoy it! 15 to 30 minutes are enough to get some beautiful natural shots in the location of your choice. I also invite you to read my article “5 tips for a natural photo session” that will calm any fears you have.

We don't want formals. Is that okay?

Of course, I’m not going to force you. But from my experience, if you don’t want any, you might regret it later. I understand you want to enjoy your guests and you totally should, but allow for a few family photos at least so you have those memories. Feel free to make it a fun moment with candid photos!

Will you do a technical visit at our venue?

It depends. If I know the venue already, it’s not necessary but I’m always fine with planning one still so we can make sure all the details are taken care of, as long as our schedules allow for it.

Should we plan dinner for you?

If your package includes coverage of your wedding reception, yes. Please plan to have all your vendors present at your reception seated and ask your caterer to provide a warm dinner for them. It’s also recommended to ask them to serve vendors at the same time as guests so that we’re all available and ready to work the rest of the night.

Our guests do not speak French. Do you speak other languages?

I love foreign languages! I am fluent in English thanks to a two-year experience in the US. I also speak French of course, my native language, Italian and a little bit of Spanish. I love to work with a foreign clientele 🙂

How can we tell our guests not to take pictures during our wedding ceremony?

There’s nothing more unpleasant for the bride and groom than seeing an ocean of smartphones instead of their loved ones faces during their wedding ceremony. Which is why I advise you to tell your guests that you’ve hired a professional photographer and that they will be able to access the password protected gallery and download the photos for free and order prints. You can also make a nice sign that says you’re having an unplugged wedding and they should turn off their phones and cameras for the duration of your ceremony.

Can you deliver the RAW files?
I consider my job halfway done if I deliver the RAW/original files. I spend a long time adjusting colors and exposure, optimizing each photo, which is why I do not deliver the RAW/original files.
Can we change our package?

Of course! You can upgrade your package anytime. You can also add extra hours of photography or an album at any time before or after your wedding.

We're interested, how do we book?

I am honored! Let’s talk more about your wedding. We will sign a contract to hold the date. A deposit of 30% will secure your booking. A second deposit of 30% will be due 2 months before your big day and the 40% remaining balance will be due on your wedding day. I can’t wait to get to know you!

Do you have other questions? Contact me here 🙂