12 random things about me!

I guess if you clicked on this article you’re interested in knowing more about me, so thank you! I’m no extraordinary person, and you’ll probably think all these random things are pretty boring, but still, since you asked to learn more about me… here you go!

1. I’m a big kid who loves all things Disney with a passion, but I also love horror and zombie movies and tv shows. Go figure!

2. I was born in Avignon, France but lived in Brittany, on the French Riviera, in New York City, in Paris and eventually moved back to Avignon in 2015.

3. My middle names are Anne and Louise, which I would have loved to be my first name. I used to find Marie to be too classic but my parents chose it for that very reason: to go with my last name. It’s also the anagram of “aimer“, which means “to love” in French 😉

4. My favorite vacation is to travel to a foreign country, sightsee and learn more about its culture. I’ve visited over 20 countries so far and can’t wait to see more!

5. When I was little, before wanting to become a photographer, I wanted to be an interior designer or an English teacher.

6. I love music, especially pop rock. My favorite band at the moment is Imagine Dragons, which I’ve been lucky to see live twice.

7. I love dogs. I grew up with two brittany spaniels and a labrador retriever and I’m the dog mom of Spencer, a golden retriever I’ve adopted in 2021.

8. I’m almost vegetarian. I don’t like the taste of meat and never buy any at the grocery store.

9. I love board games and video games. I could go days playing those without going out! Unless you’re taking me to an amusement park.

10. Since my childhood, I have hated the sight of blood and can easily faint when I get hurt or see blood.

11. My favorite color used to be blue/turquoise but now it’s pink (especially rosegold).

12. Kids used to make fun of my last name, calling me Rastapopoulos (the bad guy in the Tintin comic book) but nowadays people just assume I’m Greek. I’m actually only a 4th Greek through my Dad’s dad. I’ve been lucky to visit this amazing country several times and I’d like to learn the language someday and maybe even move there…

I hope these random things give you a bit more insight into me and my life 🙂 If you want more info on who I am and how I became a photographer, do read my story! And please, do tell me about you here!