How to prepare for your couple photo session?


Hiring a professional photographer to capture your engagement, pre-wedding, honeymoon or anniversary photos while you’re visiting France is definitely recommended. In addition to bringing home the most beautiful images, you’ll share a unique and fun experience together. Here are my best tips to prepare for your couple photo session.


Ask your photographer everything you can think of before your photo session

It might seem logical, but some people feel silly or think they’ll ask when D-day comes. But that might be too late. Being prepared takes 99% of the stress away! Anticipate as much as possible about all those little questions, because no 2 photo sessions are the same. So even if you’ve already done this, the experience will probably feel completely different! As a photographer, I love to educate my “models for a day” to ensure they enjoy this experience and bring home fond memories of their photo session, in addition to beautiful photos with their lover.

Danielle K.

Stop reading reviews and book Marie. JUST DO IT.
Marie was so easy to work with. She is very friendly, promptly answers any questions you may have, and gives great direction on what to do during the photoshoot. She has dedication and passion for what she does; it truly shows. During our photoshoot, it began to rain and Marie said she has no issue waiting it out. We were lucky enough that the rain stopped and made for gorgeous photos with reflections from the puddles. The photos speak for themselves. Our family and friends were blown away. They are a perfect mix of candids and magazine-like photos.
If you are not from France and are worrisome about booking someone far from home, Marie will calm any fear you may have. DO IT!

Danielle K.

Schedule your photo session wisely

Try not to schedule your photo session on your last day in town, whether in Paris or Provence. In case the weather isn't good or something unexpected happens, you wouldn't be able to postpone to the next day then. Also allow time for you both to get over the jetlag and get settled so avoid the first day of your vacation as well.

As a photographer, and for technical reasons I'm going to explain to you, I prefer shooting in the morning or late afternoon (at the famous "Golden Hour"). In the summertime mostly, the sun light can be really strong and blinding, creating bad shadows on faces, making you squint and being hardly unbearable to be outside in the middle of the day. Early morning is also less crowded, so if you're early birds, you should definitely aim at that timeslot for your couple photo session.

Also make sure you allow extra time so you're not rushed during your photo session, have time to transfer from location to location safely and trust your photographer with planning as they probably know the locations better than you do. Your partner (especially men) might not have a ton of patience, but the shorter the photo session, the less time you'll have to feel comfortable and deal with potential delays.

Have you thought about what message or feeling you want those photos to convey? Location is an important choice in that. For more intimate photos, your photo session could be done at your rental home. You can also showcase the beauty of Provence or Paris with some iconic locations. Why not include an activity you enjoy doing as a couple and choose a location that fits your personalities?

For my recommendations of locations in Provence, check my top 10 locations for a photo session in Provence.
For my recommendations of locations in Paris, check my top 10 locations for a photo session in Paris.


Choose the perfect outfits for your photo session

You should definitely read the article I've written on that topic 😉

Basically, think about that as you pack for your trip. Engagement photos will be used for wedding invitations, that's very important! For pre-wedding photos, that's quite obvious what you'll be wearing, but know you can plan a wardrobe change to wear a more casual outfit for the second part of your photo session too. For honeymoon or anniversary photos, make sure your clothes fit the style and mood you want for your photos. A city setting such as Paris calls for a more chic and dressy outfit choice, when casual pastel-tones and light materials go perfectly with a Provence nature setting. Remember to choose something comfortable too (and bring flat shoes, ladies!).

I always offer an outfit change to my couples when time allows, so we can create a more varied collection of photos. I have a very convenient changing tent that can be used anywhere, even in a remote lavender field in Provence.

How to prepare for your couple photo session? Engagement, anniversary...


Research and save all your ideas

Sure, your photographer will have prompts and poses to suggest, but you want this photo session to be totally unique and personnalized, so think about what kind of photos you want. I'm not saying you should save all your favorite photos on Instagram or Pinterest to copy them, but get inspiration and make notes or screensave your best ideas. Include your partner in that process, so you're both on the same page and everything goes smoothly during your photo session.

Also think about props you can include in your photos. Balloons are quite popular, but you can't buy them at the last minute: plan to contact a company specialized in that. Same with ordering a bouquet or renting a car. If you have an idea of a fun activity for your photo session, check if that's doable, if there are opening/closing times and days to keep in mind, etc. I love original ideas, and I'll be happy to help you in any way I can to make your dream come true!

How to prepare for your couple photo session? Engagement, anniversary...


Make it a memory you'll cherish forever!

Eventually, you'll want to remember this photo session as one of your best memories of your romantic vacation to France, so make sure to have fun! 😀

You can see some of my couple photo sessions here and more sessions and articles on the blog.

Are you planning a romantic getaway to France, whether in Provence or Paris? Tell me about your project here.

How to prepare for your couple photo session? Engagement, anniversary...

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Thank you can’t even begin to state it. These are so beautiful and with these photos, we will remember how amazing our trip to Paris was!! It’s so hard to pick out our favorite ones. 💖 Thank you again for capturing this memory we will never forget!!

Miqui M.